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Expert in modern cement manufacturing

Dr J D Bapat, consultant, started in his career in 1975 at the National Council for Cement and Building Materials (NCB), New Delhi (India), an apex body of the Government of India engaged in testing, training, research and development and consultancy in cement and concrete. He worked there for 16 years and rose to very senior positions of Unit Head and the Programme Leader. Later, in 1991, he joined Walchandnagar Industries Limited (WIL), Walchandnagar (India). In the year 1994 he joined academics but continued his association with the cement industry through consultancy work. He rose to rank of Director and Principal of reputed engineering colleges before starting as an Independent Consultant in 2011.

Expert in modern cement manufacturing:

While working in NCB, WIL and even later, he got opportunity to visit large number of cement manufacturing units, in connection with modernisation, productivity enhancement and energy conservation assignments. He also worked and headed number of research projects related to development of cement grinding, coal combustion, gas cleaning, improved packaging and so on. He got an opportunity to see some modern cement plants and a leading cement research institute in Germany. He is well conversant with the details of cement manufacturing process, starting from raw materials preparation up to packing and dispatch of cement. At WIL, he received valuable experience in designing modern cement plants.

The cement process is in continuous development, from the point of view of capacity and productivity enhancement, conservation of materials and energy and to bring reduction in the GHG emissions. As a process expert, Dr Bapat can provide assistance to cement companies as well as the suppliers of processes, equipment, technology know-how in the following areas:

   (a)   Product development
   (b) Product or process related technical literature, brochures
   (c) New energy saving processes or equipment

   (d)   New processes to recycle wastes as fuel for combustion

   (e)   New processes for the reduction and utilisation of waste heat
   (f)  Studies on environmental impact

   (g)   Process optimisation

   (h)   Instrumentation and process control systems

   (i)     ISO certification agencies

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